Daily and Per Visit Services in PWD Islamabad Home Elderly Care Services by Lajpal Care

Daily and Per Visit Services in PWD Islamabad

Lajpal Care’s superior daily and per visit nursing services are now available in PWD, Islamabad. Tailored home care just a call away!


PWD, Islamabad, known for its tranquility and serene environment, deserves healthcare that’s as seamless. Lajpal Care proudly offers its Daily and Per Visit Home Nursing Services in this region, ensuring residents receive top-tier, personalized healthcare right within the comforts of their homes.


Why Opt for Daily or Per Visit Home Nursing Services?

  • Tailored to Your Schedule: Whether you need a nurse daily or occasionally, we’re here to cater to your unique requirements.
  • Diverse Services: From general health check-ups, wound care, to specialized services like physiotherapy.
  • Hygienic and Safe: Our team prioritizes hygiene and safety protocols, ensuring a risk-free caregiving environment.

Nursing Service Highlights in PWD, Islamabad

  • Post-Operative Care: Focused care to speed up recovery after surgeries.
  • Regular Health Monitoring: Keep track of vitals and overall health with periodic assessments.
  • Medication Assistance: Ensuring accurate and on-time medication administration.
  • Therapy Sessions: Beneficial physical and respiratory therapy sessions conducted by trained professionals.

Lajpal Care’s Distinction

  • Qualified Caregivers: Handpicked for their skills and empathy, our nurses offer an unmatched caregiving experience.
  • Transparent Procedures: We maintain transparency in our operations and billing, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • On-Time Always: We understand the importance of timely care, and our team ensures punctuality in every visit.
  • Feedback-Driven: We value your feedback, constantly refining our services for better care delivery.

Engaging Our Services in PWD, Islamabad is Simple

  • Reach Out: Contact us through a call or an online form.
  • Specify Your Needs: We’ll customize a care plan based on your inputs.
  • Relax & Receive Care: Once scheduled, our qualified nurses will provide the necessary healthcare services at your residence.


Residents of PWD, Islamabad can now bask in the assurance of professional, compassionate home nursing care with Lajpal Care’s Daily and Per Visit Services. Let us bring wellness to your doorstep. Contact Lajpal Care and redefine your home healthcare experience today!

  • Home Nurses: Our skilled nurses provide a range of medical and non-medical services, including administering medications, wound care, and daily activity assistance.
  • Patient Attendants: Our caring attendants help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and mobility, ensuring your loved ones receive the best care.
  • Disabled Care: We offer specialized care for disabled persons, including daily activity assistance, physical therapy, and emotional support.
  • Healthcare Equipment: We provide essential healthcare equipment, including patient beds, wheelchairs, and oxygen cylinders.
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