Female Home Care Nursing Services | 24/7 in Islamabad Home Physio Services

Female Home Care Nursing Services | 24/7 in Islamabad


Discover affordable and reliable 24/7 female home care nursing solutions in Islamabad. Get the best care right at your doorstep.

For those in need of quality nursing care within the confines of their homes in Islamabad, our dedicated female home care nurses are available around the clock. Whether it’s post-operative care, elder care, or daily medical attention, our skilled professionals ensure unparalleled services at competitive prices.

Why Choose Our Female Home Nurses?:

  • Expertise: Every nurse in our team is highly trained and possesses the necessary skills to cater to diverse medical needs.
  • 24/7 Availability: Healthcare needs can arise anytime, and that’s why our female nurses are available round the clock, ensuring patients receive timely care.
  • Comfort and Familiarity: Many patients prefer female caregivers due to comfort and cultural considerations. Our female nursing staff respects these choices and offers services with utmost compassion and understanding.

Pricing Structure:

While the cost of home care nursing varies depending on the specific needs and duration of service, we remain committed to providing competitive rates without compromising on care quality. For a detailed quote tailored to your requirements, please contact our helpline or visit our official website.

Areas Covered:

Our 24/7 home care nursing services extend throughout Islamabad, ensuring that residents across the city have access to top-tier healthcare services.

How to Avail Our Services

  • Direct Call: Simply reach out to our helpline for instant assistance and scheduling.
  • Website Inquiry: Visit our official website, fill out the inquiry form, and our team will promptly get back to you.
  • Lajpal Care App: For tech-savvy individuals, our app provides a seamless booking experience.


In Islamabad, where the pace of life is fast and the need for quality healthcare is paramount, our 24/7 female home care nurses bridge the gap between medical necessity and comfort. With transparent pricing and a commitment to excellence, Lajpal Care ensures that every patient receives


  • Home Nurses: Our skilled nurses provide a range of medical and non-medical services, including administering medications, wound care, and daily activity assistance.
  • Patient Attendants: Our caring attendants help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and mobility, ensuring your loved ones receive the best care.
  • Disabled Care: We offer specialized care for disabled persons, including daily activity assistance, physical therapy, and emotional support.
  • Healthcare Equipment: We provide essential healthcare equipment, including patient beds, wheelchairs, and oxygen cylinders.
  • Home Elderly Care Services.
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